In-Sight 2800 Vision System Applications

In-Sight 2800 makes vision simple across all industries, automating a wide range of applications through modular hardware and an extensive tool set. With unmatched ease of use, this industry-agnostic solution is accessible to all skill levels, regardless of prior vision or programming experience.

Automotive and EV

Verify whether gaskets are good or bad based on presence/absence of defects.

Confirm presence/absence of ball bearings within wheel bearing rings to ensure proper assembly.

Confirm correct insertion of connectors in wiring harnesses.

 Decipher hard-to-read text etched on metal components.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Identify different scents on bars of soap to ensure the correct scent is attached to the packaging.

Detect presence/absence of sealing caps on air fresheners.

Check for torn, poorly oriented, or incorrectly placed labels.


Classify boards as good/bad based on missing, damaged, or incorrect components.

Food and Beverage

Verify bottles are properly sealed and classify them as pass/fail.

Determine whether a scoop is present, missing or if there are multiples in the packaging.

Read expiration dates, even on curved surfaces, to verify freshness and prevent consumer recalls.


Detect presence/absence of pills in blister pack to ensure completeness.

Verify expiration dates and lot codes to ensure vaccine efficacy and regulatory compliance.


Read codes and text on a variety of package types to ensure proper routing and prevent rework.