DataMan 280 Series Applications

DataMan 280 was engineered to better track and trace items throughout manufacturing and logistics supply chains solving a broad range of tough 1D, 2D, and direct part mark (DPM) code applications.

Automotive DPM code reading

Easily decode difficult DPM codes on challenging reflective surfaces.

Medical Device DPM code reading

Accurately read and trace small DPM codes on critical medical devices.

High-speed barcode reading

Reliably read every barcode on high speed manufacturing lines.

Multiple barcode reading

Read multiple codes simultaneously in the field of view, and offload images quickly.

Pallet code reading

Read 1D and 2D label-based codes on pallets, even codes behind specular wraps.

Hands-Free Barcode Reading

Accurately read user presented codes with a large depth of focus for speedy handling.