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iFuture iVision System

As an industrial automation professional Iam sure you are looking for new ways that can solve customer problems. Incorporating Machine Vision into your solution portfolio will add complementing value to your existing products and services.

At iFuture iVision System we believe in helping you add this value. We will not provide you a product or a component and wash our hands off. We will ensure you receive a solution which can be demonstrated to your customer’s satisfaction. After all your success is our success.

Our expertise in PC based Vision system with Lab VIEW software development enables us to provide complete solutions in Automated testing, Data acquisition, Instrumentation, Test & Measurement Software development, Vision and Imaging Solutions.

Apart from this solution we also providing industrial automation products such as proximity sensor, photoelectric sensor, Fiber sensor, Relays, Limit switch, Basic switch, power supplies, Temperature controllers, Safety light curtains, Programmable controllers, Human machine interface, Timer/Counter, Encoder, Servomotors / Servo drives and Inverters

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